Deck Construction

Rules for deck construction!

Players may construct their own custom Summoner Wars decks by mixing cards from different faction decks (sold separately).
To construct a custom Summoner Wars deck, select and add to your deck all of the following:

  • 1 Summoner
  • 1 Ten-Life Gate
  • 3 Five-Life Gates
  • The 2 starting units listed on the back of your summoner's card
  • The 2 Epic Events listed on the back of your summoner's card
  • 6 Standard Events
  • 3 Champion Units
  • 16 Common Units

Deck Restrictions

  • Each unit and event in your deck must have at least 1 deck symbol that matches 1 of your summoner's deck symbols.
  • A deck can have no more than 2 copies of each standard event, 1 copy of each champion unit and 4 copies of each common unit
    (starting units do not count toward this limit).

In Summoner Wars, every summoner has three build symbols. When building a custom deck, a player starts by choosing a summoner. Their summoner's build symbols will then determine which units and events they are allowed to add to their deck.
In addition to the martial symbol, there are 12 other build symbols. Each of those 12 symbols represents a distinctive theme and general play style.

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