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Season 12 is done, Stufty finished his amazing run and won a very close battle in League 1! 🏆 Hats off to him!
League is taking a break and will be back Dec. 8th with two brand new factions! 💥🌋

Season 13

Starts at: 8. December 2022

Past Seasons


Fungal Dwarves vs Savanna Elves Start your games from 8. Dec 2022
Eternal Council vs Fallen Kingdom Start your games from 15. Dec 2022
Cloaks vs Breakers Start your games from 22. Dec 2022
Obsidian Dwarves vs Phoenix Elves Start your games from 5. Jan 2023
Sand Goblins vs Skyspear Avians Start your games from 12. Jan 2023
New leagues will be put together soon!
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