Shimmersea Fae: How to start winning

Winning with SF is a challenge! Let rdebruyes help you with that.

BRMAM: A model for matchup analysis

Let Big Red explain to you what BRMAM is all about :-)

High Elves' Deceiver Spam

Profit won the 2nd deckbuilding tournament!
Take a look at his deck and let him explain how it works.

How to beat Kuldak

Fighting Kuldak and his fungal army feels hopeless?
It doesn't have to be! Faction by faction we offer strategies to beat him.

Welcome to the Jungle of Deck Building

Jexik takes you on a journey of building a deck in SW!
Centered around a single card see how a deck takes shape.

Cards to Look Out For in SW Deckbuilding

On the fence of jumping into custom decks, but afraid what's waiting for you?
This is your article :-)

Brubocalypse, Now

Grognack and Brub, a match made in heaven. Jexik will summon the Brubocalyse with this deck.

Fungal Dwarves - The Advanced Guide

Looking to brush up your fungal army strategies? Want to better understand how to summon infinite mushroom warriors? Join me as we take an in-depth look at one of the most complex faction to date.

The Beginner's Guide

You jumped into Summoner Wars and now want to get to the next level? Eldritch Noodles got you covered!

Physch’s Cave Goblin Guide - Base Deck

You disagree Cave Goblins being top tier?! Then you do not play them to their full potential! I help you to unleash it!

Avians - The Advanced Guide

If you struggle winning with the birds or you can't find a way to beat them. In both cases this article is gonna help you!

Cloaks - The Advanced Guide

In this piece, we’ll be looking at some more in-depth strategies of the Cloaks. A faction full of tricks which can adapt to any situation.

The SW Practical Value Metric

What to attack? What to play? Knowing card values helps—but those can be tricky to discern. This metric may help us untangle the mystery.

Eldritch Noodle's Mathematical Tier List

I set out to use the data the community has collected to build a ranking of all of the factions. Come along for the ride!
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