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Summoner Wars has a lot of cards and interactions which can alter and modify the dice results.
Take a look at the different abilities.
- Engage -
When an adjacent enemy attacks any card, if 1 or more Specials are rolled, the attack adds 1 less damage.
- Divine Shield -
Each time a friendly Citadel unit within 3 spaces of this unit is targeted by an attack from an enemy, roll 2 dice. For each Special rolled, reduce the attacking unit’s strength by 1 during that attack, to a minimum of 1.
Frost Shaman
- Unwieldly Magic -
When this unit attacks, if 0 Specials are rolled, no damage is added to the target.
Tundra Fighter
- Frenzy -
After each time this unit attacks an adjacent enemy card, roll a die. If a Special is rolled, you may force this unit 1 space. If you do, this unit may resolve an extra attack against an adjacent enemy card.
- Life Draon -
Before this unit attacks, it may destroy a friendly unit within 2 spaces. If it does, during that attack, Specials = Swords
- Chain Shot -
After each time this unit attacks, if all dice rolled have a Bow, it may attack again.
Aerie Stewart
- Worthy -
When this unit attacks, if it is adjacent to your Summoner, Special = Bow.
Frost Axe
When that common attacks, Special = 2 Swords.
For Glory
When this unit attacks, if 0 or 1 Specials are rolled, when adding damage to the target, add the same number of damage to this unit.
* Modified data provides numbers for damage to the attacking unit.
Burning Rage
After this unit attacks an enemy card, if 0 or 1 Special were rolled, add 2 boost to this unit. Otherwise, remove 1 boost from it.
Burning Rage w/ Willpower
Once per turn, when this unit rolls dice for an attack, you may re-roll all of those dice.
Perfect hit w/ Influence
Getting all hits with your attack. Attack can be rerolled once (twice) with Influence.
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