Your game!

Analyse it!

Get some insights and statistics about your game. Find out which cards were already played and get prepared for what might be coming.

How to use it!

Browse to the game you want to analyse, can be an ongoing game or a finished one. Open the "History", the game-log will be shown, right click on the text and choose "Inspect". The Developer Tools open in a seperate window. The source code of the page is shown. Copy the div with the class/id (<div class="full-log" id="full-log">'), (left click on this element and copy Outer HTML - works this way in Chrome and Firefox). Last step is to paste it in this textbox.
Another way is to open the "History" of your gamee, then press F12 to open the Developer Tools. Then switch to the console (2nd Tab) and paste this code there, to copy the log to the clipboard.

let log = document.querySelector('#full-log').outerHTML.replaceAll(/src="data:[^"]+"/gi, "");copy(log);


Since undone actions are not longer part of the log, the summary of summmoned units and played events is accurate.
Be aware that factions like VG or CG can "resummon" units.
Statistics are not a 100%, since there are edge cases with FK or BR for example. Other than that it should be good to go.
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