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Season 11
Division Games Winrate
Total 84 48.8 %
Div 1 6 83.3 %
Div 2 18 50.0 %
Div 3 18 50.0 %
Div 4 18 50.0 %
Div 5 18 38.9 %
Div 6 6 33.3 %

Comment Section

Postet by: Lvl3cpu
8. October 2022
Couple of insights to help you here. Firstly, despite the raw stat I truly believe this is a very hard match for PE. That said, if PE plays while considering a couple of things this isn’t their worst matchup. Let’s start with the easy one though. CL - you wanna spread out, get chip damage, and get to OOS-ing. Maldaria has very little health and you have all the tricks to hit her. I would recommend always using the bulk of your turn however to keep the board small, and leveraging little bits along the way. A sniper attack here, a gunner chain there, until you can get some serious dice on Maldaria. Also, Use Vlox a lot! Get him in there in the beginning to draw focus and keep your other units alive. And then get him out until you have a chance at victory. If you let PE clear your units you’ll have a bad time, and they’re good at clearing units. Vlox helps with this. PE- I think the biggest help, will be if you can trick Vlox into fighting you on only 1 side of battle field. A very strong formation, is a 2x2 square. This works really well against OOS, moto boots, and snipers. You should be trying to clear as many units as you can, but I also think that it’s smart to spend resources hitting Vlox. Often people will over commit with him, if you can bring him into a threat range and then focus on your survival, I think this can be very effective. Stay on top of your magic to punish Vlox if he throws himself at you. It you keep you units tight and clear there units, Maldaria can look a lot better in the end game here. PE has almost no offensive reach, so I wouldn’t suggest spending resources unless the payoff is winning. Final form Vlox is annoying but suiciding an ember beast chain to maaaybe kill a machinist often goes horribly wrong, and will certainly lose you the game. I hope this helps!

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