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Season 12
Division Games Winrate
Total 90 45.6 %
Div 1 6 33.3 %
Div 2 18 55.6 %
Div 3 18 50.0 %
Div 4 18 44.4 %
Div 5 18 44.4 %
Div 6 12 33.3 %

Comment Section

Postet by: Snake Eyes
21. October 2022
These results make sense. It should be a quick game either way, but if it does go longer, that may well favor TO thanks to the superior bulk of their commons and their ability to spread out damage rather than propping up singular heavy hitters. Of course, TO can also put together explosive plays thanks to their events, to either punish Edia for overextending or just mow down the (relatively) less durable commons that Edia relies on. I feel like Edia's best shot is probably to be the aggressor and lean on the aforementioned Insight and some Advisors to chase down Grognack, either because he overextended or because he hasn't been left with enough avenues for retreat once EC has made their advance. Mind Knights also seem extra-important in this matchup since they wind down TO's clock somewhat and can disrupt non-Smasher commons, but then Grognack should always have acceptable options to pitch to Invoke Fear thanks to TO's good curve. tl;dr I think TO should be favored as long as Grognack doesn't box himself in or try to out-big-brain Edia by doing too many different things at once. (With that all said, EC won both my week 1 games, so I could be totally wrong in my assessments. And EC play will almost certainly get stronger over time)

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