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Joined in Season 21
Discord Name
Ypsilanti, MI
Ridiculously long-term gamer (D&D Basic set and Panzerblitz, anyone?) Was a serious tournament MTG player in the 90s, a tournament 40K and WHFB player in the 00s. Now mostly just a board gamer of all kinds, but trend toward games that tell a story with each session. Used to be a regular writer at ThereWillBe.Games ( but am on a bit of a hiatus for lack of compelling material. Maybe I'll write some about SW...?
My Summoner Wars (Hi)Story
Got into it just a couple months ago after years of suggesting by Jexik on TWBG. I've only played a bit of several decks against the comp on the official website. I did not play SW1.
Favourite faction and favourite card
At the moment, I'm kind of fond of the Phoenix Elves for the directness of their approach. It's also in tune with my penchant for finding the faction that no one really plays and seeing if I can get the to work (see: Dark Eldar in 3rd Edition 40K. Haven't played enough to have a favorite card yet.
Games beside Summoner Wars
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Total Record Won: 0 - Lost: 10
Season 21 League 5.3 Won: 0 - Lost: 10

Current Season

Division: 5 - League 5.3
Tundra Orcs * vs Deepwood Groaks vs Tmostly
Deepwood Groaks * vs Tundra Orcs vs Tmostly
High Elves * vs Crimson Order vs Big Pill
Crimson Order * vs High Elves vs Big Pill
Sand Goblins * vs Fallen Kingdom vs Swaffo
Fallen Kingdom vs Sand Goblins * vs Swaffo
Mountain Vargath * vs The Forged vs ZZBrent
The Forged * vs Mountain Vargath vs ZZBrent
Polar Dwarves * vs Wayfarers vs Coevett
Wayfarers vs Polar Dwarves * vs Coevett
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