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Tristan Haas

Joined in Season 22
Discord Name
Total Record Won: 3 - Lost: 3
Season 22 League 5.5 Won: 3 - Lost: 3

Current Season

Division: 5 - League 5.5
Savanna Elves * vs Mountain Vargath vs Ben
Mountain Vargath * vs Savanna Elves vs Ben
Sand Goblins * vs The Forged vs Westo
The Forged * vs Sand Goblins vs Westo
Phoenix Elves * vs Polar Dwarves vs micah
Polar Dwarves vs Phoenix Elves * vs micah
Breakers vs Skyspear Avians vs Yac
Skyspear Avians vs Breakers vs Yac
Eternal Council vs Obsidian Dwarves vs Bugz
Obsidian Dwarves vs Eternal Council vs Bugz
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