Finish him!

Shadow Elves vs
Phoenix Elves

Maldaria feels confident and super buffed. .. but Selundar and his Shadow Elves are full of tricks! Can they take her from 11 life to 0 in one turn? * Through Onyx Tome you got access to every Shadow Elves card (not Into Darkness of course) ** Assume you got perfect dice :-)
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Summon Shadow Knight on F2, damaging the gate and generating a first boost for Selundar. Play Onyx Tome, deal two damage to the full life Sniper (two more boosts for your summoner) and retrieve a Shadow Mage. Summon him on D2. Return the Sniper on E3 to your hand with "Return to Shadows" and summon a Truth Seeker on its place. Selundar is back only 1 boost now.
Move Selundar to E1 and the Shadow Mage to E2, damaging itself and generating a boost for Selundar, now he is at 2 boosts.
Play Into Darkness and return your gate on F3 to your hand.
Attack with the Seeker and then force him to F3. Shadow Mage can attack for another 3 dice and after his attack gets returned to your hand by "Return to Shadows". Selundar can now attack for the final blow.
Comment Section
17. August 2023 - 03:08
But why Maldaria has 11hp xd
18. August 2023 - 14:08
just so there is only one solution, in the real game she had 9.
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