Finish him!

Cloaks vs
Phoenix Elves

Maldaria is severly damaged, she retreated behind a fortress of units and gates. Cloaks are almost out of resources, draw pile is empty. Can Vlox deal the final wound?
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Play Out of Shadows. Summon Gunner to E2.
Move Sin-Sin out of the back to E2. Freshly summoned Gunner moves one space up to E4. Bandit activates Moto Boto to force himself two spaces up and then moves to E5 in front of the Fire Beast.
Gunner on E4 attacks Guardian and then uses Cover Fire to force Sin-Sin to E3. Bandit attacks Fire Beast and via Blind Side Sin-Sin is going to be placed on F6. Finally Sniper attacks the Ember Mage and thanks to Out of Shadows Sin-Sin gets to the final row. Infiltrate for the win! There is a 2nd solution. Maybe you can find it!
Comment Section
23. July 2022 - 02:07
the wording tipped me off... also whats the second solution?! aAaAHH
19. August 2022 - 08:08
lvl3cpu found a 2nd solution, although it is not a 100%. Vlox copies Sin-Sin. Summon Gunner to C3 and Sniper to C4. Move Gunner next to the Fire Beast and Sniper right next to her. Vlox kills Archer, Gunner attacks Beast (she can’t go 3/3) Sniper gets blindsided behind the Beast and with the help of Cover Fire forced in front of the Ember Mage. Sniper attacks Ember Mage and voila Vlox is in the back row, ready to inflitrate.
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