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Sneeks is severly wounded, hiding behind his horde. Nevertheless he is ready to jump to the front for the final blow! Is there a way to get to him?
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Summon Mind Witch in front of your starting Gate (D3). Play Hypnotic Call to force the Beast Rider towards Tacullu.
Mind Witch mimicks the Climber. Move Tacullu back one and play Blast on the freshly summoned Mind Witch to force her to D6. Mind Witch is climbing over both Gates and ends her move on B7, right next to Sneeks.
Attack Sneeks with Mind Witch with a 75% chance for lethal.
Comment Section
21. July 2022 - 21:07
Another method is 100% worse if you want to get 5/6 to kill the gate in front of him for swag: Summon: Summon Mind Witch B2 Summon Wind Archer C3 Hypnotic call Slinger to C5 Move: Mind Witch mimics Wind Archer Wind Mage to C6 Wind Archer to B5 Mind Witch to B3 Attack: Wind Mage attacks gate (at A6) and pushes Wind Archer up to B6 Wind Archer attacks same gate, killing it (because ranged dice never miss) Mind Witch attacks Sneeks
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