Finish him!

High Elves vs
Shadow Elves

Valeria has built up her fortress! Can Selundar find a way to get behind her lines and finish her? Important: Law of Sanctity is on, so each time you damage Valeria she only takes one damage.
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Play Tome and damage the Ranger and the 1 life Knight. Selundar gets two boosts and uses them to return the Ranger back to hand. Summon the Ranger next to Selundar and force her to D1. Summon the Seeker at E3. Summon the Shadow Knight at F1 and damage the gate, generating a boost for Selundar.
Move Selundar to E2 behind the Seeker. Range moves to C2 in range of Valeria.
Play Shadow Pulse to damage at least one of your units to generate a 2nd boost for your summoner. Play Blighting Speed and now attack! Seeker has to take out the Priest, and then force the Seeker to E5. This allows Selundar to flash step to this place. Now with the Ranger at C3 you have two units in range, they just need to hit.
Attacking the Priest with your Seeker generated another boost since Arbiter of Justice was nearby. So strictly speaking you could have solved the puzzle without playing Shadow Pulse. Bonus points if you saw that :-)
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