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Joined in Season 21
Discord Name
Raising my son with my wonderful fiancee. In my free time I fly fish, read, and game with friends/family.
My Summoner Wars (Hi)Story
In the summer of 2023, while looking into fun board games, I came across a really good local deal on a complete Summoner Wars 1e collection. The comparisons to Heroscape were appealing. Reviews online always recommended house rules for certain aspects (inactivity, destroying own units for magic), and these house rules were serviceable, but after trying the 2nd edition app, we decided to make the shift and haven’t looked back. 2nd edition is a much more balanced and satisfying game.
Favourite faction and favourite card
High Elves really sold me on 2nd edition. Favorite card might be Shonk. He feels like a Heroscape card, and I love showing him to new players and letting them get a dopamine rush from throwing so many dice.
Games beside Summoner Wars
My friends and I loved Heroscape and Yugioh 10 years ago, and in 2023 I found myself missing those gatherings around a tabletop. My fiancee’s family introduced me to Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Wingspan, and the fun experiences with them made me branch out to find more games that they/my friends and I could enjoy. Games we’ve been having fun with recently are Root, Go, Chess, El Grande, Agricola, MTG Commander, Pax Renaissance, Yugioh, and Carcassonne. If you have a Board Game Arena/TTS account, message me on the Discord and let’s play some games :)
Total Record Won: 6 - Lost: 4
Season 21 League 5.4 Won: 6 - Lost: 4

Current Season

Division: 5 - League 5.4
Deepwood Groaks vs Tundra Orcs * vs cmarie
Tundra Orcs vs Deepwood Groaks * vs cmarie
Crimson Order * vs High Elves vs Schrift
High Elves * vs Crimson Order vs Schrift
Sand Goblins * vs Fallen Kingdom vs Colby Dauch
Fallen Kingdom * vs Sand Goblins vs Colby Dauch
The Forged * vs Mountain Vargath vs Ed Breadly
Mountain Vargath * vs The Forged vs Ed Breadly
Polar Dwarves vs Wayfarers * vs Alberto
Wayfarers vs Polar Dwarves * vs Alberto
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