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Hungry Tervigon

Joined in Season 20
Discord Name
Vez Nation
Gamer since 1981. Family guy, wife and kids. Backpacker, hiker, hobbyist game designer with a few things sold, GM out-of-print RPGs at cons so they don’t get forgotten, environmental attorney, federal employee, University of Michigan fan, grew up in the Michigan countryside before moving to the Chicago area.
My Summoner Wars (Hi)Story
Saw it in 2023, it looked interesting. I keep an eye on what games are out and assess which ones I’d like or could learn from. SW turned out to be even better than I thought it would be. Two games at a time seems to be my limit for what I can focus on and analyze. I try to always have a game going, but I’m casual about it. I’m in the league now, which is tense and fun.
Favourite faction and favourite card
I like FK, they have a hyper-aggressive play style where every turn is a puzzle for how you can attack your opponent’s summoner. Usually involving that undead archer. My favorite card is the PE dragon champion, I like its ability and dragons are just cool.
What would I change about Summoner Wars
Nothing to change, just something to keep doing or get back to doing. I feel representation in the factions has decreased in the season release factions. The strong representation among the factions in the initial releases was something unique for fantasy and I liked how it looked. I’d like to see representation stay an important part of SW’s art direction.
Games beside Summoner Wars
Tabletop RPGs and miniatures games are my favorites. My favorite RPG designer is Richard Tucholka, Rest in Power. I also like consims. GMT’s Wilderness War by Volko Ruhnke is my favorite boardgame. I’ve been gaming since 1981 and have played and still play all kinds of games — card, board, minis and tabletop RPGs. I like computer games and if I had more time, I’d play more of them. My favorite computer game is Deep Rock Galactic, been playing that since the beginning and for me it’s a familiar and comforting way to relax. I’m also a Call of Duty junkie, it helps me de-stress too.
Total Record Won: 10 - Lost: 6
Season 22 League 4.4 Won: 2 - Lost: 4
Season 20 League 5.2 - Pos. 2 Won: 8 - Lost: 2

Current Season

Division: 4 - League 4.4
Savanna Elves vs Mountain Vargath * vs Mememan
Mountain Vargath vs Savanna Elves * vs Mememan
Sand Goblins * vs The Forged vs RiceHeist
The Forged * vs Sand Goblins vs RiceHeist
Phoenix Elves vs Polar Dwarves * vs Albus
Polar Dwarves * vs Phoenix Elves vs Albus
Breakers vs Skyspear Avians vs redhawk13
Skyspear Avians vs Breakers vs redhawk13
Eternal Council vs Obsidian Dwarves vs Big Pill
Obsidian Dwarves vs Eternal Council vs Big Pill

Last seasons

Season 20

League 5.2 - Position 2
Won: 8
Lost: 2
vs mxcatnap Sand Goblins vs
Crimson Order
vs mxcatnap Crimson Order vs
Sand Goblins
vs redhawk13 Fungal Dwarves vs
Obsidian Dwarves
vs redhawk13 Obsidian Dwarves vs
Fungal Dwarves
vs earskeepers Mountain Vargath vs
vs earskeepers Vanguards vs
Mountain Vargath
vs Big Pill Savanna Elves vs
vs Big Pill Wayfarers vs
Savanna Elves
vs KaHoris Cave Goblins vs
vs KaHoris Cloaks vs
Cave Goblins
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