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Joined in Season 20
Discord Name
Cincinnati, OH
I'm just a regular guy in my early 40's, with a wonderful wife and a couple of kids. I have a BA in History and still enjoy studying that subject, but I work in a completely unrelated field. My other interests include sports of all kinds, other boardgames, and cooking.
My Summoner Wars (Hi)Story
I was introduced to the 1st edition by a friend who at that time worked at a local game shop. He's since moved on the bigger and better things, but I really miss having the opportunity to try out new games for free :). I played quite a bit on the app (under the name Le Tondu), and participated in some of the tournaments organized by tortugatron. I only began playing 2nd edition a few months ago, largely thanks to the same torugatron. He replied to a comment I left on a boardgame subreddit, and now I'm playing 2e even more than I played 1e!
Favourite faction and favourite card
I suppose I should say Crimson Order is my favorite, as that's my most successful faction by far. However, Sneeks will always hold a special place in my heart. I just love the CG ability to pull off a big combo and end the game with one knockout blow. I guess that would make the Climber my favorite unit, as that card is what often makes those big combos possible.
What would I change about Summoner Wars
I'm a little apprehensive about how many new factions they plan to add. New factions are exciting, and I'm loving DG, but I worry that too many will negatively affect the balance of the game. Of course I understand the need to create and sell new products; I just hope that the game stays as great as it is now.
Games beside Summoner Wars
I love a lot of games; Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk are recent favorite video games, and I still enjoy playing some of the old Panzer General and other strategy games. For boardgames, Castles of Burgundy and Stone Age come to mind as favorites. I also enjoy party games like Codenames and Telestrations.
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Total Record Won: 14 - Lost: 6
Season 21 League 4.1 Won: 5 - Lost: 5
Season 20 League 5.2 - Pos. 1 Won: 9 - Lost: 1

Current Season

Division: 4 - League 4.1
Tundra Orcs vs Deepwood Groaks * vs machine_epsilon
Deepwood Groaks * vs Tundra Orcs vs machine_epsilon
High Elves * vs Crimson Order vs Grinor
Crimson Order vs High Elves * vs Grinor
Sand Goblins * vs Fallen Kingdom vs earskeepers
Fallen Kingdom * vs Sand Goblins vs earskeepers
Mountain Vargath vs The Forged * vs -Eden-
The Forged * vs Mountain Vargath vs -Eden-
Polar Dwarves vs Wayfarers vs Amaran9th
Wayfarers vs Polar Dwarves vs Amaran9th

Last seasons

Season 20

League 5.2 - Position 1
Won: 9
Lost: 1
vs earskeepers Crimson Order vs
Sand Goblins
vs earskeepers Sand Goblins vs
Crimson Order
vs Hungry Tervigon Obsidian Dwarves vs
Fungal Dwarves
vs Hungry Tervigon Fungal Dwarves vs
Obsidian Dwarves
vs Big Pill Mountain Vargath vs
vs Big Pill Vanguards vs
Mountain Vargath
vs KaHoris Wayfarers vs
Savanna Elves
vs KaHoris Savanna Elves vs
vs mxcatnap Cloaks vs
Cave Goblins
vs mxcatnap Cave Goblins vs
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