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Mr. Black

Joined in Season 21
Discord Name
London, Ontario, Canada
My Summoner Wars (Hi)Story
I played SW 1E extensively and had a complete collection. I'm late to the 2E party but excited to be here.
Favourite faction and favourite card
Favourite faction is Fallen Kingdom. I just love the undead! Ret-Talus is my favourite card -- bringing the undead back from the graveyard is just so cool and fun, especially paying in blood instead of magic 😎
What would I change about Summoner Wars
I would add The Filth 😏
Games beside Summoner Wars
Chess, Hive, Smash Ultimate
Total Record Won: 4 - Lost: 6
Season 21 League 5.1 Won: 4 - Lost: 6

Current Season

Division: 5 - League 5.1
Tundra Orcs vs Deepwood Groaks * vs podunk
Deepwood Groaks * vs Tundra Orcs vs podunk
High Elves vs Crimson Order * vs LySynX
Crimson Order * vs High Elves vs LySynX
Fallen Kingdom vs Sand Goblins * vs Jojo
Sand Goblins * vs Fallen Kingdom vs Jojo
Mountain Vargath vs The Forged * vs Donegal
The Forged * vs Mountain Vargath vs Donegal
Polar Dwarves vs Wayfarers * vs anrmurse
Wayfarers vs Polar Dwarves * vs anrmurse
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