Finish him!

Sand Goblins vs
Obsidian Dwarves

The Obsidian Dwarves have drawn the perfect hand!
How can they melt down Krusk’s Sand Goblins in just one turn? What cards do they need to maximize the odds of a one-turn-kill?
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First of you need two Ember Demons. Ember Demons can chain-summon off of other Ember units. Summon them on D5 and D6, both time you use their "Born of Fire" ability
Move both Demons two spaces forward, so one is next to Krusk (D8) and the other right behind the first Demon (D7).
Now you need your events. Two Hellforged Axes and one Hellforged Chain. Equip Hellforged Axe on Ember Demon on D8. Equip Hellforged Axe and Hellforged Chains on Ember Demon on D7.
Both Demons attack Krusk for 5 melee dice each. So you need the perfect roll, 10/10!
We need a perfect hand and 5 specific cards. Therefore, the valid opening hands are those that contain two of the four Ember Demon cards, both of the Hellforged Axe cards, and one of the two Hellforged Chains cards. There are 24 valid opening hands. We need to know how many possible opening hands there are. *little bit of math :-) There are 142,506 possible opening hands. *simple math :-) Therefore the odds of this hand are a little better than one in six thousand. The odds for rolling 10 hits when attacking for 10 melee dice is around 16%.
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31. July 2023 - 15:07
Wow, what a great puzzle! Its creator must be so charming and handsome!
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