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Division Games Winrate
Total 142 57.7 %
Div 1 10 70.0 %
Div 2 26 57.7 %
Div 3 34 61.8 %
Div 4 48 52.1 %
Div 5 18 61.1 %
Div 6 6 50.0 %
Commentary of Dunky (TO) vs Eldritch Noodles (PD)
Tournament of Champions - Polar Dwarves(Orange Lazarus) vs Tundra Orcs (Jexik)

Comment Section

Postet by: Airstone
17. August 2021
A fun match up where both factions want to use pushes to trap or expose the other summoner. I feel PD have the slight edge reflected in the league stats but TO have the tools to compete. TO have the strength and health to generally have the potential to take care of the Svara's ice fortress. But need to mitigate the usual weakness of leaving Grognack exposed and the situational useful or fickle events. I like to use a forward wall to summon a unit in order to brutal force* the summoner down a line of units to pull the summoner into the open. *Brutal force has a condition where the force pushes away from the attack* PD can mostly wait for grognack to over expose himself and then use rams, shifts, and high health units to trap him.

Postet by: Sildanefil
12. August 2021
Polar Dwarfs need to create space for themselves to effectively play "Ice Ram" & "Glacial Shift". In addition, do not hesitate to regenerate the structure because the TO have the necessary strength to destroy a fortress very quickly. "For Glory" & "Brutal Force" can quickly disrupt a defense For the Tundra Orcs, they must restrict the movement of the structures as much as possible. Circle them, prevent spawning and pass your actions in their destruction. "For Glory" is, in my opinion, the best event to play to quickly destroy the fortress of the PD. On the other hand, you have to be attentive to Jarmund

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