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Joined in Season 10
Discord Name
Atlanta, GA
United States
Hello! I am a sophomore in High School who loves to read, play videogames, ping-pong, and above all Summoner Wars.
My Summoner Wars (Hi)Story
My father was an avid player of Summoner Wars in its First Edition from launch. I would often spectate him in local tournaments and play with him at home. When I heard that a Second Edition of what has definitely always been my favorite card game of all time had been released, I was ecstatic and immediately purchased it! I now play at least a couple games a day - whether via the online client or IRL games.
Favourite faction and favourite card
My favorite faction in Summoner Wars would have to be the Tundra Orcs. Their units have very high stats and a certain simplicity to them that I enjoy. Grognack is also definitely the coolest summoner in the game with his beefy 14HP and 4AV. On the other hand, the urge to push up with Grognack a little farther than he probably should can be very strong...need more smash! My favorite individual card in Summoner Wars, on the other hand, is probably Gulldune of the Breakers. He's a bit squishy but his 4AV can definitely put in the work and his ability is utterly broken if you have any high AV common units nearby. When I play Tacullu, Gulldune is always part of my plan.
What would I change about Summoner Wars
If I had the power to change anything about Summoner Wars, I think it would be to grant the player that goes second 2 extra magic instead of 1. I naturally play more defensively, and would love for going second to be a valid strategic choice - not just a downside. As is, the player that does go first usually gets the economic playing field evened anyway since it's pretty easy to clear out one of your opponent's starting units.
Games beside Summoner Wars
For the most part, I don't play many board games/card games that aren't Summoner Wars (with the exception of Star Realms). However, I enjoy playing videogames - especially Destiny 2, Hunt: Showdown, and Chivalry II. Not sure if sports count here but I am a ping pong addict.
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Total Record Won: 14 - Lost: 6
Season 11 League 4.3 Won: 8 - Lost: 2
Season 10 League 5.3 - Pos. 3 Won: 6 - Lost: 4

Current Season

Division: 4 - League 4.3
Phoenix Elves vs Cloaks * vs VifonMaster
Cloaks vs Phoenix Elves * vs VifonMaster
Fallen Kingdom vs Skyspear Avians * vs PassiveAssassin
Skyspear Avians * vs Fallen Kingdom vs PassiveAssassin
Polar Dwarves vs Tundra Orcs * vs DrunkDinoRider
Tundra Orcs * vs Polar Dwarves vs DrunkDinoRider
Cave Goblins * vs Eternal Council vs iamnly
Eternal Council vs Cave Goblins * vs iamnly
Breakers * vs Fungal Dwarves vs PouDaddy
Fungal Dwarves * vs Breakers vs PouDaddy

Last seasons

Season 10

League 5.3 - Position 3
Won: 6
Lost: 4
vs Crylous Tundra Orcs vs
vs Crylous Cloaks vs
Tundra Orcs
vs th3 kool aid man Fallen Kingdom vs
vs th3 kool aid man Vanguards vs
Fallen Kingdom
vs jdoublep Polar Dwarves vs
Skyspear Avians
vs jdoublep Skyspear Avians vs
Polar Dwarves
vs VifonMaster Cave Goblins vs
vs VifonMaster Breakers vs
Cave Goblins
vs JeMs Cloaks vs
Savanna Elves
vs JeMs Savanna Elves vs