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Joined in Season 11
Discord Name
I stream crazyhouse (a chess variant).
Games beside Summoner Wars
Crazyhouse (a variant of chess), Bughouse (chess variant), Chess, Descent Road to Legend, Risk, HeroQuest, Scotlandyard, Dutch Blitz.
Total Record Won: 4 - Lost: 6
Season 11 League 6.1 Won: 4 - Lost: 6

Current Season

Division: 6 - League 6.1
Phoenix Elves * vs Cloaks vs BazzoFormidable
Cloaks vs Phoenix Elves * vs BazzoFormidable
Fallen Kingdom * vs Skyspear Avians vs punkbeam
Skyspear Avians vs Fallen Kingdom * vs punkbeam
Polar Dwarves vs Tundra Orcs * vs Hanmi
Tundra Orcs vs Polar Dwarves * vs Hanmi
Cave Goblins vs Eternal Council * vs Happythermia
Eternal Council vs Cave Goblins * vs Happythermia
Breakers * vs Fungal Dwarves vs fuzzy-marmot
Fungal Dwarves * vs Breakers vs fuzzy-marmot