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Joined in Season 11
Discord Name
A newcomer to SW with 2E. Loving it more with every single play. Lately finding that theres no other game that i'd choose over SW2E if I had the choice!
My Summoner Wars (Hi)Story
Never played SW1, just saw that SW2 had a free demo in Sept of 2021. Enjoyed it, then immediately purchased it. Soon realized that i didn't have many people to play it with. Thus i had quite a hiatus. Decided i wanted to play more, and joined the league to get some excellent matches!
Favourite faction and favourite card
Probably Vanguard, with Citadel Knight being my favourite card. Just an absolute power house. Vanguard is definitely tricky, but the positional elements of Citadel knights add that edge of fun. Also, I love winning as an underdog.
What would I change about Summoner Wars
Probably give Sera 3AV, and give priests a free heal. I'm definitely in the minority, but I don't think that the Vanguards are that bad. They're playable for sure, with some extremely tricky matchips. But I think there is almost no situation where healing with a priests is actually that good, and trying to secure a kill with Sera is almost always a coinflip.
Games beside Summoner Wars
I love board games with tactical/positional elements, such as Babylonia, T&E & Ankh. Trying to get into Go, but i think its just -too- abstract for me.
Total Record Won: 10 - Lost: 0
Season 11 League 6.1 Won: 10 - Lost: 0

Current Season

Division: 6 - League 6.1
Phoenix Elves vs Cloaks * vs punkbeam
Cloaks * vs Phoenix Elves vs punkbeam
Fallen Kingdom * vs Skyspear Avians vs fuzzy-marmot
Skyspear Avians * vs Fallen Kingdom vs fuzzy-marmot
Tundra Orcs * vs Polar Dwarves vs CrossOnline
Polar Dwarves * vs Tundra Orcs vs CrossOnline
Cave Goblins * vs Eternal Council vs BazzoFormidable
Eternal Council * vs Cave Goblins vs BazzoFormidable
Breakers vs Fungal Dwarves * vs Happythermia
Fungal Dwarves * vs Breakers vs Happythermia