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Joined in Season 11
Discord Name
Mother of two, software engineer. Husband prefers euro engine building games, older kid prefers co-op games, younger kid prefers eating the cards and destroying the pieces. I have no one to play SW with.
My Summoner Wars (Hi)Story
I discovered SW1 via the app, tried it out, and was interested but not convinced my husband would like it. Then I got into a weird, fascinating rabbit hole reading waterd’s long debates with killercactus on the PHG forum. Time passed, I heard about SW2, lurked on the discord for a while, and finally decided to give it a try.
Favourite faction and favourite card
Faction: FD, though that’s probably not a forever favorite. It was fun to solve the puzzle of how to play them and I’m still working on how to play against them. Card: Stimshrooms. Partly because of the psychedelic weirdness of the art and partly because I think it’s subtly underrated: The FD opponent should be trying to force FD to use Stimshrooms defensively to rearrange a suddenly awkward mushroom formation.
What would I change about Summoner Wars
If I were Joe Ellis, I would make it much more obvious in the app how many cards were discarded by my opponent. I would also, for the sake of convenience when playing on mobile, create an option to show the game history in reverse chronological order with the latest move at the top. And what the heck, while I’m at it (I’m still Joe), I’d incorporate the sw-zone gamelog analyzer into the app itself so no one has to fiddle with cut-and-pasting source code.
Games beside Summoner Wars
With adults: Race for the Galaxy, Innovation, The Ravens of Thri Sahashri, The Resistance: Avalon. With my daughter: Zombie Kidz and Matt Leacock games. With my son: Go Away Monster. Honorable Mention: No Thank You Evil when I have the energy to be a kiddie DM.
Total Record Won: 3 - Lost: 7
Season 11 League 6.1 Won: 3 - Lost: 7

Current Season

Division: 6 - League 6.1
Cloaks * vs Phoenix Elves vs Happythermia
Phoenix Elves vs Cloaks * vs Happythermia
Skyspear Avians vs Fallen Kingdom * vs Hanmi
Fallen Kingdom vs Skyspear Avians * vs Hanmi
Tundra Orcs * vs Polar Dwarves vs BazzoFormidable
Polar Dwarves vs Tundra Orcs * vs BazzoFormidable
Cave Goblins * vs Eternal Council vs punkbeam
Eternal Council * vs Cave Goblins vs punkbeam
Fungal Dwarves vs Breakers * vs CrossOnline
Breakers vs Fungal Dwarves * vs CrossOnline