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Joined in Season 14
Discord Name
North Carolina
Currently I am a music student. I enjoy teaching music theory.
My Summoner Wars (Hi)Story
Discovered the first edition of SW late in its life and enjoyed, it but didn't get to play it very much. I was very excited to see that the game was getting a second edition! I got onboard just as the second-edition master set was being released. So far, I'm enjoying it a lot. I usually have between 2 and 5 games going at a time in the app. I also play solitaire with the physical game, taking one turn at a time over the course of several days.
Favourite faction and favourite card
Currently, favorite faction is the Cloaks and favorite card is Moto Boots. I love how versatile that card is, valuable for both defense and offense.
What would I change about Summoner Wars
If resources were infinite, custom dice (not necessarily even d6) for specific units might be fun. That would allow for a lot of fine-tuning of dice probabilities. Also, if resources were unlimited, it would be awesome to have optional 3d animations in the digital app, to give the feeling of being in the arena of some old-fashioned card-dueling anime. :)
Games beside Summoner Wars
I grew up playing Heroscape and still play it occasionally. One of the things that initially drew me to Summoner Wars was that it was designed by one of the people who worked on Heroscape. SW keeps the things that I most enjoyed about Heroscape--a large amount of variety and replayability in asymmetrical matchups, an emphasis on dice probabilities, and a fun setting in a fantasy world where all kinds of different characters clash--but delivers them with a greater amount of strategic and tactical depth. I also enjoy the Total War series of video games.
Total Record Won: 6 - Lost: 4
Season 15 League 4.1 Won: 0 - Lost: 0
Season 14 League 5.2 - Pos. 3 Won: 6 - Lost: 4

Current Season

Division: 4 - League 4.1
Fallen Kingdom vs Obsidian Dwarves vs SaucyMan11
Obsidian Dwarves vs Fallen Kingdom vs SaucyMan11
Breakers vs Wayfarers vs Maixe Stache
Wayfarers vs Breakers vs Maixe Stache
Vanguards vs Sand Goblins vs tortugatron
Sand Goblins vs Vanguards vs tortugatron
Skyspear Avians vs Shadow Elves vs DildoBaggins
Shadow Elves vs Skyspear Avians vs DildoBaggins
Savanna Elves vs Eternal Council vs hs1e
Eternal Council vs Savanna Elves vs hs1e

Last seasons

Season 14

League 5.2 - Position 3
Won: 6
Lost: 4
vs DrunkDinoRider Polar Dwarves vs
vs DrunkDinoRider Vanguards vs
Polar Dwarves
vs Jexik Tundra Orcs vs
Obsidian Dwarves
vs Jexik Obsidian Dwarves vs
Tundra Orcs
vs tortugatron Sand Goblins vs
Cave Goblins
vs tortugatron Cave Goblins vs
Sand Goblins
vs Goose Skyspear Avians vs
Eternal Council
vs Goose Eternal Council vs
Skyspear Avians
vs Kostis Cloaks vs
Fungal Dwarves
vs Kostis Fungal Dwarves vs
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