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Faction overview cards + reference cards about their key units and events (created by Colonel_S)

  • Wave 1 (Masterset)
  • Wave 2 (Starterset | Cloaks | Skyspear Avians | Eternal Council | Fungal Dwarves)
  • Wave 3 (Sand Goblins | Obsidian Dwarves)

Wave 1

Published July 2021

Cave Goblins

Part of Master Set
Cave Goblins overrun the opponent with cheap commons that can have extra attacks or movements through their abilities or events.
The summoner's ability to swap in is extremely powerful to sustain the push or give a coup de grace to the opponent summoner. Like Fallen Kingdom, they can be very explosive but also suffer greatly from weak card draw.


Part of Master Set
Breakers may seem like a control deck but instead it is more like a utility deck with units and events that can do many things and adapt to the situation.
This is perhaps one of the decks which is more prone to analysis paralysis as the player often will have multiple options to choose from.

Savanna Elves

Part of Master Set
Savanna Elves is one of the stronger factions as their units and events are all quite good. Their main weakness is that the units are costly and take time to build up, together with a low-health summoner, they are quite susceptible to an early rush.
However, their events make up for this by letting them punish the opponent when they push too far.


Part of Master Set
Vanguards has beefy commons that can get protected and healed, with the Summoner's ability to retake commons, the deck may seem OP at first glance.
In reality, utilizing the 3 attacks and sustaining the formation is no easy task. This makes Vanguards one of the easier factions to learn but also harder to master.

Fallen Kingdom

Part of Master Set
Fallen Kingdom units generally have poor stats but gain advantage when there is death on the field. With events that can sacrifice units, or gain advantage with unit death, FK becomes a very dynamic deck and can be very satisfying when you pull out a big combo.
However, it takes some learning to see what cards work together and sometimes it is difficult to overcome a bad draw.

Polar Dwarves

Part of Master Set
Polar Dwarves is very unique in having lots of structures and ways to move them around to choke the opponent when you feel kind, or ram them to death when not.
Playing them feels like plowing through infantry with a tank, which some may find enjoyable.

Wave 2

Published October 2021 - July 2022

Tundra Orcs

Part of Starter Set
Tundra Orcs is relatively straight forward to play. They have good champions and commons that can smash stuff while soaking up lots of damage.
Just be careful not to charge the summoner in blindly as he doesn't have many tricks to pull back from a sticky situation.

Phoenix Elves

Part of Starter Set
Phoenix Elves has many ways of dealing direct damage, and their units can be preserved by the summoner and events, making them highly efficient.
However, the summoner has very low health, so the player needs to be aware of opponents' cards that can bypass her defense.


Single Deck
The Cloaks is a versatile faction with units and events that can do very different things.
The summoner is the most important weapon of the deck. He has relatively high health, can shoot and hide from afar, but also has many ways to charge in too, and escape from deep enemy lines when needed.

Skyspear Avians

Single Deck
The Avians is about movement and formation.
The avian units can quickly become deadly with good spacial planning, and the summoner’s ability. The extra gates allow the birds to rush the enemy like no other faction.
However, this is balanced by the high cost of the units and the summoner’s low health.

Eternal Council

Single Deck
The Eternal Council is all about using their summoner Edia to the fullest. Their ability to draw a lot of cards and to manipulate the draw pile allows them to have the right cards at the right time.
You can even get access to the best events from your opponent and keep them in play for more than a round. Be careful about burning through your deck, manage your resources wisely.

Fungal Dwarves

Single Deck
Fungal Dwarves are an economic powerhouse relying on their own units dying to support their boost cravings. Try to keep a tight formation around the summoner that not only protects him but also allows continual regrowing your forces.
Make sure you are making the most of your movements as you will never seem to have enough of them.

Wave 3

Published November 2022 - ...

Obsidian Dwarves

Single Deck
The Obsidian Dwarves are a mighty faction of warriors led by the explosively erratic Balzar. Balzar will become enraged through combat, scaling up and down in power throughout the fight.
Watch him charge up and exhaust his boost meter to fuel the strongest abilities this faction has to offer. Equip your warriors with fiery weapons forged in hell and let the heat of battle determine their fate!

Sand Goblins

Single Deck
The Sand Goblins ride into battle! Their summoner Krusk can transport gangs of goblin riders across the battlefield.
Soup up your rides with various vehicle upgrades, cruise into battle, and detonate them for maximum mayhem!
The deck offers a toolbox of handy options but requires you to adapt to your draw and the battlefield.

Shadow Elves

Single Deck
Shadow Elves are an excellent deck for those who want to invest heavily in one faction and slowly discover limitless tricks.
They have a collection of tools that let you easy switch between econ and assassination play styles. Treat optimizing boost collection on Selundar as a miniature puzzle, it’s the key to mastering the faction.


Single Deck
Wayfarers are up there as one of the fastest factions in the game.
They capitalize on movement tricks and interesting positional attacks. The decks big ideas are diagonals and being on your opponents side of the field. When you’re going to go in, make sure you can finish the job or keep your escape routes clear.
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